Buying & Selling

Real estate property prices in India is always remarkable. SSR builders are committed to provide affordable and luxurious best in class and hassle free properties and offer expert advice and opinion about buying and selling that are bound to give surpassing ROIs.

Buyer’s Assistance

  • Our dedicated personnel will talk with the Buyer to get an exact idea of their preferences be it budget, location or amenities.
  • We will keep the buyer posted about all the properties that will match their preferences and arrange for a showing.
  • We will facilitate meeting between Land lord and prospective buyer at our office and will also assist in preparing Sale agreement.

Selling Assistance

  • We will thoroughly inspect unit and assist the owner in fixing any issues which will build trust with the buyer and increase the market rate.
  • We will also advice the owner with the current market price of the unit.
  • We then advertise through various agencies and get the showings ready for the prospective and qualified buyers.

Registration and Post Sale Assistance

  • We will assist you in preparing the sale deed for registration.
  • We will also assist at the Sub-Registrar office for the registration.