Your trusted Indian partner in property investments

If you are an NRI and desire to own a property in India, with the best of facilities, do connect with us. Just fill out the enquiry form or give us a call and we will do what it takes!

NRI Services:

Home Loans

Our team will assist you in availing home loans if needed through various associated Banks and Financial Institutions.

Property Registrations

Our team will also assist you for hassle-free documentation and registration process. You are not needed to be physically present during the registration process. Our trusted in-house team will handle all the needed documents and legal paper work.

Transparency in process and payment

Our team will continue to be in connect with you during all phases of planning & construction and real time status with images will be sent to you regularly only after which invoice will be raised for each phase of the project delivery.

All customers can transfer the payments online to the specified Bank Account.